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On the fifth episode in the inaugural season of the Women Beyond Walls podcast, Sabrina Mahtani is joined in conversation by Debbie Kilroy OAM, the CEO of Sisters Inside, one of Queensland’s leading criminal solicitors, and one of Australia's leading advocates for the human rights of women in the criminal justice system. On this episode of Women Beyond Walls, Debbie shares her own compelling life-story and shines a powerful spotlight on the many injustices that still prevail in the criminal justice system. How does youth criminalisation feed in to the issue of the over-incarceration of women? Why is it vital to centre the voices of women with lived prison experience? What needs to happen to change lives and to change the system? Debbie unpacks all of this and more on this episode. 

"This pretence that the prison industrial complex has changed for the better because of the reform agenda is a lie! It's just got bigger and bigger and bigger, and it's tentacles are so big that it interferes in more ways than ever before”

Debbie Kilroy

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