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On the second episode in the inaugural season of the Women Beyond Walls podcast, host Sabrina Mahtani is joined in conversation by her friend and former colleague Simitie Lavaly from Sierra Leone. Simitie is the former Executive Director of AdvocAid, a qualified lawyer and women’s rights specialist, and is currently serving as a Commissioner on Sierra Leone's Human Rights Commission.  In this episode Simitie and Sabrina explore some of the root causes of women's incarceration in Sierra Leone and her work with AdvocAid where she represented women on death row. Simitie explains in this episode why it is important for all people - especially legal professionals - to look beyond the stereotypes that surround women's incarceration.

Want to know more about Sierra Leone? Download our 'Sierra Leone Fact Sheet: Women and Incarceration'

You can find out more about Simitie's work as a Commissioner on Sierra Leone's Human Rights Commission HERE and you can learn more about the work of AdvocAid HERE or by clicking the button below.

"It's a whole cyclical crisis that we're going through, where poverty is at the helm of everything and affects women's incarceration.”

Simitie Lavaly

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