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International Women's

Podcast Awards finalist

This episode was an International Women's Podcast Awards 2022 finalist for 'A Moment of Touching Honesty'.

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On the first episode in the inaugural season of the Women Beyond Walls podcast, host Sabrina Mahtani is joined in conversation with Susan Kigula. In 2002, Susan was convicted of the murder of her husband and was sentenced to death. At the time, Uganda carried the mandatory death penalty for murder. Susan spent over  a decade on death row but her story didn't finish there...

Want to know more about Uganda? Download our 'Uganda Fact Sheet: Women and Incarceration'

Want to know more about the work of the Sunny African Children's Center in Uganda (a charity Susan now supports and works with) see below and follow the link.


In the podcast episode Susan spoke of her time as part of a choir in Luzira prison. In 2008, this short documentary was made about the choir and an album of songs made to highlight their fight against the death penalty in Uganda.

“My biggest hope for change? I am hoping that one day we would have a world that is free of adversities. I hope that one day we will have a world that does not imprison women and children. I hope that one day we will have a world that is full of forgiveness and acceptance”

Susan Kigula

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